Can Genomics Help With Weight Loss?

Weight loss might take more than dialing in your diet and adding in exercise. But, that “more” might be easier than you think.
What if your genetics could provide the perfect weight loss plan for you – you’d want to know what’s in those x’s and y’s – right?

Here at Canyon Ranch we’re introducing a new genetic test, provided by GenoVive, that will offer just that – diet plans based on your specific genetics. In a nut, you’ll learn how to eat to lose – according to your chromosomes.

Here’s what our practitioner, Lisa Powell, MS, RDN, Nutrition Director of Canyon Ranch Health & Healing, had to say and what you can expect from our GenoVive genetics testing:

“We have been reviewing weight-focused genetic tests for several years and recently choose GenoVive as our provider because GenoVive offers a reasonably robust test, for the current state of the industry, with 18 genes on the panel. This genetic evaluation provides valuable information regarding what may be the optimal dietary pattern for an individual, represented as the percentage of protein, carbohydrates and fats appropriate to their needs. In addition, the test provides valuable information regarding the genetic origins of food preferences, snacking behavior, satiety and weight set-point for the individual.”

“This information will be utilized by CR nutritionists as an important assessment tool to create an individualized eating plan for our guests. The test will be incorporated into other assessment tools, such as health, eating and weight history, DEXA scanning, BodPod and input from other Health & Healing practitioners, to create a highly personalized program, rather than regarding the genetic testing as a stand-alone tool.”

“GenoVive was used in a recently published clinical trial showing that people who followed their genetically-based eating plan were more successful in terms of weight loss and changes in body composition than those who followed general weight loss guidelines without the genetic personalization.”

“The GenoVive test will be offered to Canyon Ranch guests who schedule the Weight Loss Your Way consultation, but could also be recommended from any Nutrition consult. The test is priced at $299 and will require  – at an additional cost –  an initial nutrition consult and a follow-up consultation to review the results and to provide personal recommendations.”

Interested? Learn more about our nutrition services here.

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