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How Canyon Ranch Works

Canyon Ranch is far more than a resort “escape.” It’s a place that can change lives. Here’s how to plan your stay with confidence so you leave transformed by your experience.

Work with a member of our experience team to receive a complimentary consultation and create a personalized stay experience.

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What's Your Goal?

Your first step is to reflect on what you want to accomplish at Canyon Ranch. Restoring vitality, prioritizing self-care, losing weight, and getting “unstuck” are a few of the limitless reasons why guests visit our resorts. We also have programs for those who seek peak performance, a life of longevity and independence, or to simply enjoy a healthy, transformative vacation. Knowing your goals will help you choose the right experiences and destination for you.

Consult our Goal Seeker to discover stay packages based on your goals.

Take our Interactive Wellness Quiz if you need a little more help to identify your goals and the experience that is best for you.

Call Us at (855) 835-9694 to connect on complex wellness goals or if you would like to receive a stay consultation.


Choose Your Stay Experience

Once you have clarity on your primary goals, you can focus on finding the best stay package to achieve them. We understand you're excited to start exploring our resort destinations, but it's important to first identify the type of experience you want to have at Canyon Ranch. Choose from our three different stay types.

Stay Your Way

Choose from over 300 services and curate your wellness experience from start to finish. Plus, enjoy a daily $200 credit at our Tucson and Lenox resorts you can use toward your favorite services.

Designed Experiences

Explore tailored stay packages for a variety of goals. Each Designed Experience offers a distinct selection of world-class services to suit specific needs, whether your intention is to improve your fitness or simply rejuvenate at the spa.

Camps & Retreats

Join a small, like-minded community of guests for limited-time events focused on the latest health, fitness, and recreation topics. Events feature special guest experts and range from improving your tennis game to finding joy in your life.


Choose Your Destination

Now, let the fun begin as you explore our spas and resorts. Make sure you've chosen your ideal stay experience, as packages, events, and services differ by location. Each of our destinations boasts its own inspired setting, and the true highlight of your stay lies in what you take home afterward.

Pre-Stay Guide

Have more questions? We’ve gathered everything you need to ensure that your journey with us is seamless, from the moment you book your stay.

To see the things we're asked most often, explore our FAQs

See our Plan Your Stay Guide to prepare for an entirely personalized stay.

If you still have more questions, visit our Contact Us to find additional support to prepare for your visit.


Get Ready For Your Stay

Your all-inclusive experience at Canyon Ranch begins long before you arrive at our resort. Once you book a stay, experts will be assigned to help personalize your experience and prepare you for your transformation.

Reservations Consultants

Allow us to help you identify and refine your optimal stay package and assist you with arrival planning — including scheduling complimentary transportation from the airport.

Wellness Guides

We’ll contact you four weeks prior to your stay to clarify your intention, make best-fit recommendations, and book services and events that personalize your itinerary.

Guest Services

As your personal concierge, we’ll help you with tours, car rentals, taxis, and airline changes or confirmations in the days leading up to your arrival and while at our resort.