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First Time Guide

Canyon Ranch is far more than a resort “escape”. It’s a place that can change lives. Here’s how to plan your stay with confidence so you leave transformed by your experience.

Work with a knowledgeable program advisor to create a tailored itinerary.

Call (800) 742-9000 (opens in new window)

Know Your Why

What leads you here? Reflect on your intentions and the transformation you seek to help you choose best-fit services and locations. From simple escape to in-depth medical, career, or lifestyle advice, start with clarity of purpose.

Consult the Find Your Path tool.

Call Us at (855) 835-9694

Browse pathways to see the range of possibilities.


Find Your Path

Clear on why you’re here, you can focus on finding the best avenue to reach your goal.


Reserve an expertly curated stay/service “package” tailored to your intent.

Events & Immersions.

Review scheduled events and retreats for extra learning and community.

Just Be Here.

Book a self-guided visit and stay flexible to select services as you like.


Pick Your Place

Pathways, events, and services vary by location. So your why helps you decide where to go. But our locations each offer inspired settings of their own.

Here To Help

While you book, before you arrive, or during your stay, we are here to help, online or by phone.