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All-You-Can-Spa | Unlimited Spa Services in Tucson

 Jun 1 - Jul 31 (opens in new window)

Everyday Wellness

Bring your pursuit of well-being home with living communities that transform your wellness practice into your lifestyle.

Your Well Way

Sustain your journey with offerings designed to support lifelong well-being.

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Subscribe to lifelong well-being with a membership at our Tucson or Lenox wellness resort for frequent stays, exclusive access, and everyday inspiration.

Take a Sabbatical

Don’t just visit Canyon Ranch. Live here with an extended wellness sabbatical at Tucson or Lenox. Feel and act like a resident, immersed in community and intention.
Extended Stays

Stay Inspired

Support your well way of life between visits with access to a range of blog content, remote services, and virtual tools designed to deepen your growth.

Two mountain bikers
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There is a point where Canyon Ranch becomes so central to your lifestyle that you begin to feel you should simply live here.