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Health & Safety Updates

Breathe Easy

Canyon Ranch has always provided a healthy environment where you could feel safe, confident, and stress-free. That hasn’t changed. We’ve updated our hygiene protocols to a higher level than ever, and made adaptations to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our standards meet or exceed guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, state regulations, and our own team of experts, led by Richard Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS, 17th Surgeon General of the United States. As always, everything is meant to keep you healthy. Be safe, be well. We hope to see you soon.

As a reminder, before your departure, please check your local state’s website for any updates or restrictions regarding travel outside your state.


Every guest at our Tucson, Lenox and Woodside properties receives pre-arrival update information and a mandatory screening call three days prior to check-in to answer any questions or address wellness concerns.

Cloth Masks

Ranch staff and guests must wear cloth masks at all times except in guest rooms, while eating, swimming, receiving certain spa services and while outdoors with 6-foot safe distancing.

Safe Distancing

We maintain the 6-foot safety distance in classes, dining, pools, and other activities. Occupancy restrictions based on state regulations are in place. We also limit the number of guests using transportation.

Temperature Screening

We do no-touch temperature checks for all staff, guests and visitors at Ranch properties – every time they arrive and daily wellness checks that include no-touch temperature checks for in-house guests. For Canyon Ranch spa + fitness in Las Vegas, temperatures are checked by The Venetian Resort.

Activities & Services

We follow all state and CDC guidelines for one-on-one services and participation in group indoor and outdoor activities.

Gyms & Studios

We’ve marked floors for safe spacing, rearranged equipment and adjusted schedules to allow for sanitizing between classes.


Seating and dining hours are arranged to meet the state’s occupancy requirements. Most food options you love are still available, but check Location Updates for any specific limits.


Arriving guests in Tucson, Lenox and Woodside receive fresh duvets, linens are delivered in single-use, sealed bags, and housekeepers change gloves after servicing each room.

Clean Hands

All guests in Tucson, Lenox and Woodside receive hand sanitizer at check-in, and no-touch dispensers are located around the property, so you can wash frequently.


Any guest experiencing symptoms will need to return to their room and call “0” for assistance. The on-property medical staff will help quickly.

Distance. Not Distant.

We all miss handshakes and hugs. While we’ve learned to refrain, every greeting at Canyon Ranch is warm, authentic and from the heart.

Our safety precautions and flexible reservation policies mean stress-free planning for you.
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Our safety precautions and flexible reservation policies mean stress-free planning for you.