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About Us

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Inspiring Your Well Way of Life

The original trailblazer of integrative wellness, Canyon Ranch began with one man’s pursuit of wellness, before wellness was a household word. That pursuit has since inspired an industry, and more importantly, inspired countless people to pursue their own version of well-being. With four immersive destinations and an integrative team of experts, Canyon Ranch guides your lifelong well-being with proven answers.

Our Approach

Pioneering the Well Way of Life

In 1978, long before wellness became a multi-trillion dollar industry, Mel Zuckerman made the pivotal decision to change his sedentary lifestyle. After two weeks of healthy living, he realized he’d transformed his life forever—and he wanted to help others do the same.

That mission began with the 1979 opening of the first Canyon Ranch destination in Tucson, Arizona. This first-of-its-kind wellness resort pioneered an integrative approach, drawing holistic methods, treatments, and evidence from both western and eastern to address well-being of mind, body, and spirit.

The Vision Continues

Since the start, thousands of guests have added powerful stories of transformation, earning Canyon Ranch a global reputation as a symbol of the well way of life. Along the way, approaches popularized at Canyon Ranch—like yoga, meditation, plant-based diets, and integrative medicine—have become mainstream. Today, led by owner John Goff and a team of wellness experts, Canyon Ranch continues to lead with innovative, forward-looking wellness guidance.

Welcome to Canyon Ranch

This new era of Canyon Ranch brings the promise of greater awareness around the importance of wellness, and new tools to help you sustain it throughout your life. The company continues to deliver new ways to well-being where you visit, stay, live, and wherever you go—never losing sight of personal stories of transformation, like the one that started it all.