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Summer Bliss: Save $150 per person, per night in Tucson

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The Bellefontaine Mansion at Canyon Ranch in Lenox.
The Bellefontaine Mansion at Canyon Ranch in Lenox.
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New Beginnings in the Berkshires

Discover an inspired place, where your wellness vision becomes your wellness reality. Come with intention and leave with integral answers and practical advice for well-being.

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Integrative Wellness

Rooted in 40+ years of integrative expertise, our Lenox resort’s service catalog promises proven answers and best-fit avenues for lasting transformation in the Berkshires.

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Personalized Guidance

From fitness trainers and physicians to mental health and wellness therapists and life coaches, a comprehensive team of experts guides your personal journey toward well-being.

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Woman receiving spa treatment with two poultices on her back.
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This was the only vacation from which I returned home healthier, happier and more enlightened than when I left.