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Well Read: 5 Nutrition-Based Books to Nourish Mind & Body

Feb 22 2023
4 min read
Canyon Ranch Well Read 2023 Nourish.

In honor of National Nutrition Month, our chefs share the books that impacted their culinary, cultural, and emotional growth.

When we asked our chefs at Canyon Ranch Tucson, Lenox, Las Vegas, and Woodside, which books were a source of inspiration for their journeys as culinary artisans and leaders, they shared the tomes that made a lasting impact. Below are five books that inspired their artistry, challenged their culinary ideologies, and improved their approach to living well.

Title: Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London's Ottolenghi
Author: Yotam Ottolengh
Why It Matters: “This book provides an authentic exposure to cultural foods in a plant-based fashion.” -Chef Warren Weekes, Director of Culinary Operations, Canyon Ranch Tucson

Title: Slippurinn: Recipes and Stories from Iceland
Author: Gisli Matt
Why It Matters: “The vibrant cover and unusual name made me want to open it. I was not disappointed when I could finally pronounce the title. I have always been curious about different cooking cultures during my travels around the globe, and I was thrilled to finally discover an Icelandic version. This book gives a different perspective on using what is around you—in this case, an island—to create some amazing dishes.” -Chef Julien Ardouin, Executive Chef, Canyon Ranch Lenox

Title: On Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen
Author: Jeremy Fox
Why It Matters: “The book gives a different approach to vegetarian dishes. I am not a vegetarian, but when I’m reading this book, I feel inspired by vegetarianism and want to develop new recipes to share with my family and our guests. And I cannot deny that the writing style is funny and the pictures are quite lovely.” -Chef Julien Ardouin, Executive Chef, Canyon Ranch Lenox

Title: The Wild Table: Seasonal Foraged Food and Recipes
Author: Connie Green
Why It Matters: “It’s a great resource for any cook to help them know what seasonally grows around them locally. This book has always helped me work with mushrooms to add umami to dishes that could sometimes use it. Also, it supports local forager Connie Green, based in Northern California. I used to order all my mushrooms from her Wine Forest Mushroom company.” -Chef George Meza, Executive Chef, Canyon Ranch Woodside

Title: Happiness in Your Life - Book One: Karma
Author: Doe Zantamata
Why It Matters: “I like this book because it helped me refocus my thoughts about food, life, and how they make me feel. Understanding balance, smells, and textures don’t come without following an honest path. The honesty with yourself and the food you produce, the purity of your ingredients, and the thought you put into creating—all matter. This book made it more clear to me that everything you touch takes on a life that can change others’ opinions, feelings, and ideas. It made me ask myself: Is the food you’re presenting a piece of you that you’re sharing with the world? Or something you’re making to just make something? I feel more conscious of what I put on the plate, what I say to my team, and what I put in my body. That's the Balancing of Life.” -Chef Kendall Steeno, Executive Chef, Canyon Ranch Las Vegas