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3 Natural Hydrating Sports Drink Recipes

Apr 7 2023
1 min read
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Fuel your adventure and quench your thirst with drinks designed for optimal energy and hydration.

Gold Citrus Sports Drink
Citrus fruits help you stay hydrated, are rich in vitamin C, and are packed with potassium. Try this sports drink for a delicious and easy way to replenish fluids and electrolytes.

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Agua Fresca Sports Drink
This summer fruit favorite is a great way to stay hydrated and is made with watermelon, which is high in water content. The citrulline in watermelon may help improve exercise performance and decrease muscle soreness.

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Hibiscus Prickly Pear Sports Drink
Prickly pears have a sweet taste similar to watermelon and hibiscus is a refreshing antioxidant said to help lower blood pressure.

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