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Increasing Resilience Through Mindfulness

You’ve had it within you all along. Resilience, the ability to restore and build yourself back up again. The information is all around you about the benefits of mindfulness, being present and in the moment. Maybe you’re not sure how to get there in the middle of life’s challenges. Join us for the weekend and discover that it’s not a superpower – you have it right at your fingertips!

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Event Highlights

Daily meditation offerings with practitioners from our mind-body, life management and Spiritual Wellness modalities share practices and accessible ways to bring mindfulness home with you – and make it yours.

Practice Makes Present
In special presentations and experiential activities, practice techniques to use at home: meditation focused on intentions | nature & sound | mindfulness around food & appetite | mindful approach toward sleep | creativity and more.
Integrative Intentions
Using an integrative approach, gain power through this dynamic experience. Gather cumulative wisdom from areas such as life management, mind-body, spiritual wellness, creative expression and nutrition.
Lofty & Down to Earth
Mindfulness elevates the spirit while making you more grounded in daily life. Routine tasks become pleasures and relationships grow richer. Explore your personal goals in private consultations with experts in all modalities.

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