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Gut Health: The Root of Wellness

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What is the role of the gut in health and wellness – and how is it linked to the function of your immune system? Canyon Ranch nutrition and medical experts will provide special presentations on topics such as the health benefits of probiotics, the science behind gluten-free eating, and how to achieve optimal gut health.

Learn to better understand your gut health so you can make the best decisions for your lifelong wellness.


Learn more about Cindy Geyer, MD, and Cornelia Lenherr, MD – your guiding experts through the world of gut health.

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Dr. Lenherr practices integrative and functional medicine and has been using a holistic approach to care for most of her career. She is sensitive to the uniqueness of each guest’s situation and adapts her consultations and treatment options appropriately to accommodate individual needs and concerns. Her specialties include digestive wellness, environmental health & toxin reduction, and optimizing brain health.


Dr. Geyer is a physician, wife, and mother of twin boys. She understands first-hand the challenges many women face in trying to balance life and the impact of health and wellbeing. As the Medical Director in Lenox, Dr. Geyer continues to advance the tradition of excellence upheld in medicine, wellness, and prevention. Her specialties include women’s health, wellness, and integrative and preventative approaches.

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Event Highlights

Doctors Cindy Geyer and Corey Lenherr, lead the way in this 3-day event that shines a light on a passionate approach to gut health and unique insights into integrative approaches to the most common digestive conditions.

Get The Dish On Your Digestion
Our medical experts pack a punch sharing the link between disturbances in the intestinal microbiome to the growing epidemic of allergies, asthma and autoimmune conditions. And join a fascinating discussion about the evidence that supports the link between digestive and brain health!
Maximize Your Meals
Nutritionist Judy Deutsch discusses foods that keep you healthy and satisfied.
Easy Does It
Be kind to your body as outdoor sports guide Jeanne Schnackenberg leads Tao Tan Pi Elixir Method Qi Gong; a moving meditation and breath control exercise that brings vitality to mind, body and spirit. Slow down and connect as outdoor sports guide Randal Williams shares a Yoga Nidra practice focused on the belly and keeping you on track.

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