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Ayurvedic Awakening with Larissa Carlson

Experience an uplifting and educational glance at Ayurveda, India’s system of natural medicine, with ayurvedic practitioner and ayurvedic yoga specialist, Larissa Hall Carlson.

The ayurvedic practice focuses on maintaining good health and preventing disease through a balance of body, mind and spirit. Larissa offers empowering advice on finding this balance and taking control of your current lifestyle. Learn how simple changes can have a profound impact on our health. During this focused, all-inclusive wellness retreat, you’ll explore holistic diets, techniques for massage and approaches to seasonal foods for wellness.

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Meet Larissa

Larissa Carlson, M.A., is a mindful living teacher, co-creator of Yoga Journal's online courses Ayurveda 101 & 201 and former Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda. She guides retreats, directs advanced yoga teacher trainings and provides consultations across the country. Larissa's rich teachings have been featured in Yoga Journal, Insight Timer, Mantra Yoga + Health, MindBodyGreen, Dr Oz: The Good Life, Elephant Journal, Spirituality & Health, InStyle, More, Prevention and Men's Health.


Experience radiant health through ayurvedic techniques and traditions.

Introduction to Ayurveda: Yoga's Sister Science of Holistic Medicine
Larissa explores effective diet and lifestyle strategies based on sustainable seasonal living choices. Discuss the doshas and practical tips for enhancing year-round health and vitality. An uplifting and educational glance at Ayurveda, India's system of natural medicine.
Guided Ayurvedic Self-Massage: Abhyanga & Relaxation
Dry skin? Trouble sleeping? Stress? Learn the soothing technique of Ayurvedic self-massage with nourishing organic oil. Then, rejuvenate with a relaxing body scan relaxation. Note: Please wear clothing which allows massage of the arms and lower legs. Fever and congestion are contra-indicated.
Ayurvedic Teas, Spices, and Seasonal Foods for Health and Wellness
Upgrade your pantry with foods, spices, and teas that keep digestion strong and the body nourished through the changing seasons. Larissa Carlson shares the Ayurvedic approach to healthy seasonal diets.

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