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CONNECTING: Relationships That Work

Is it chemistry? Is it fate? Or is it all about communicating to connect? Long-lasting relationships may depend on some of each – with a definite emphasis on the joyful, willing work involved.

Join us to explore this universally compelling topic. Complementing their diverse expertise, the Life Enhancement Center team is thrilled to welcome bestselling author and relationship expert Rachel Greenwald to contribute her wisdom and distinctive viewpoint.  Learn more about Rachel.

In a dynamic group setting, you can delve into the essentials of maintaining good relationships with others and, just as important, with yourself. Take home strategies to improve the connection with your current or potential romantic partner, family, professional team, employees, mentors, friends, and other people you value.

As our gift of health to you, we’re currently waiving the usual $500 program tuition for this retreat.

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Through hundreds of appearances in television, radio and national magazines – plus, two best-selling books – Rachel has given men and women across the country transformational advice on finding the right partner and building lasting relationships both in personal and professional realms. Rachel will lead presentations and spend time with the group, sharing tips for better communication at work, in virtual settings of all types, as well as finding a partner, or rekindling your emotional connection with a current partner.


The tranquil, self-contained Life Enhancement Center® – complete with gyms, locker room, dining room, and classroom – is home base for the CONNECTING program, where you learn, practice, and experience the daily routines of healthy living. Experts in life management, spirituality, fitness, medicine, nutrition, and movement provide unlimited support and inspiration – and they make sure you take home the best tools for long-term success.


Every all-inclusive Canyon Ranch Tucson getaway is packed with healthy choices. With CONNECTING: Relationships That Work, your in-depth wellness experience includes the exclusive LEC curriculum in a private, immersive setting. You’ll interact through the week with Rachel Greenwald, dedicated Ranch experts, and fellow participants. Take home practical strategies for better relationships.

Connection First
Away from the many distractions of daily living at our Arizona retreat, you can focus with clarity on relationships with others and yourself. What you take for granted, what you want to change, how you can set goals, and become more mindful.
Healthy Intentions
Your days will be filled with learning experiences, expert presentations, and wellness activities that bring out the best in you. Discover how healthy living helps create the mindset and circumstances that enrich relationships.
Guidance & Inspiration
Individual life coaching sessions complement your wellness consultations and engaging group discussions with Ranch specialists in health, nutrition, fitness, spirituality, and more.
Experiential Learning
Your CONNECTING experience features: 14 retreat presentations by Ranch professionals | 4 sessions led by Rachel Greenwald | 15 fitness and movement activities | individual attention and take-home planning

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