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Love Never Dies – with Suzane Northrop

Anyone blessed with love may also experience grief sometime in life. For 30 years, internationally acclaimed medium, bereavement expert, author, TV and radio host Suzane Northrop has helped thousands of people to heal after the loss of loved ones. Through her books, workshops, personal interactions and Emmy-nominated TV series, The Afterlife, she explores bridging the gap between the world of the living and the spiritual world where the departed reside.

Spend time with this celebrated medium, and take home tips for tapping into your personal power to connect with loved ones.

Event Highlights

Have you lost someone dear to you? In focused sessions, Suzane Northrop shares insights and new perspective on the possibility of reconnecting with loved ones. A welcoming experience for believers and skeptics as well.

Love Never Dies
Join Suzane Northrop for a meaningful discussion of grief, bereavement and hope. She'll talk about her work as a medium and her experiences as a healer.
An Afternoon with Spirit
Suzane delves into the question of what happens to loved ones who pass on – and how connections can be made. She'll dedicate part of the time to receiving messages from beyond. Space is limited, so please reserve your spot. Fee for this special workshop: $160.
Right Place, Right Time
Escape everyday distractions and focus on grief, remembrance and healing. You'll find comfort, warmth, acceptance and serenity waiting for you here.
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