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With integrative services and treatments supporting the full spectrum of wellness, we can guide you to what’s right for your vision of well-being on a path that’s yours alone.

Work with a knowledgeable Wellness Guide to create a tailored itinerary.

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Mental Health & Wellness

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Mental Health & Wellness

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Establishing Healthy Habits

Meet with a Mental Health & Wellness Therapist to uncover the keys to establishing healthy, sustainable routines.


Hypnosis, when done by a licensed therapist, is primarily used to help you imagine new desired behaviors or ways of being that support your growth.

Inner Balance by Heartmath

Learn about the Inner Balance™ sensor for Androids and iPhones, which trains you to replace emotional stress with balance to improve focus, quality of sleep, and wellbeing.

Longevity Mindset

Explore the mental and emotional barriers that may be impacting your ability to live a healthier life, and gain strategies for sustainable change.

Meditation, Mindfulness & Mental Health

Learn specific meditation and mindfulness strategies as you work with a licensed mental health therapist.

Mental Health & Wellness Consultation

A therapy consultation is an opportunity to examine any issue in your...

Mental Health & Wellness Consultation - Duet

A therapy consultation is an opportunity to examine any issue in your...

Mood & Food

This joint therapy-and-nutrition counseling service combines expertise to help you understand your current eating pattern and the best options for healthy, sustainable change.

Performance Mindset

Meet with a Mental Health & Wellness Therapist to address mental and emotional barriers thwarting peak performance in any aspect of life.

Relationship with Food

What influences your eating habits? Stress? Your past? Learn strategies to deal with motivational setbacks, emotional eating, and diet frustration to become more mindful.

Stress Management

Stress can impact health and quality of life. In this session, learn about your stress response and cultivate effective ways to perceive and respond to stressful situations.

Relinquish old patterns and develop the habits that will bring joy, peace, and fulfillment to your daily life. In transformative one-on-one sessions, supportive therapists at our Tucson wellness resort guide you toward insight and awareness as you cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself. Through traditional talk therapy and focused counseling, you’ll cultivate the compassion, tools, and strategies for positive change.

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Two people with their eyes closed in a meditative state

Meditation, Mindfulness & Mental Health

50 min
People in a class with their eyes closed

Meditation and mindfulness practices have been used throughout human history for cultivating well-being, mental clarity and physical health. Current research in neuroscience supports the use of these practices for calming the mind and mitigating stress-related conditions, such as anxiety, poor sleep, and compulsive behaviors. Work with a licensed mental health therapist to learn specific meditation and mindfulness strategies to help you reach your goals and support wellness in mind, body, and spirit.