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How It Works

Select a focused Designed Experience with curated services bundled to support your intention. Explore a topic such as healthy weight, life transitions, wellness, or joy.

Work with a knowledgeable Wellness Guide to create a tailored itinerary.

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Arthritis Evaluation

This evaluation helps determine how to stop the progression of arthritis and protect other joints from becoming arthritic.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

BFR combines low-intensity exercise with blood flow restriction to accelerate the body’s response to resistance training, accelerating muscle growth and healing.

Hiking Performance

Work with our Sports Medicine experts to assess and improve your hiking performance with the state-of-the-art myoMOTION™ Gait Analysis system.

Low Back Pain Evaluation

This evaluation identifies potential pain generators, how injuries or irritations occurred, and – based on the findings – solutions to alleviate your low back pain.

Medical Gait Analysis

Understand your walking and running efficiency with a complete bio-mechanical assessment of your gait using state-of-the-art myoMOTION™ Gait Analysis.

Musculoskeletal & Joint Assessment

The easiest injury to treat is the one that is prevented. A musculoskeletal and joint assessment, and a customized exercise plan, will get you moving toward your best life.

Performance Assessment

This evaluation helps you address and improve physical limitations – from mobility issues to asymmetries – and learn strategies for reaching new levels of performance.

RacquetFit™ Racquet Health Program

Our two-part racquet health service uses holistic approaches and innovative technologies developed by RacquetFit™ to help tennis or pickleball players improve performance.

Running Performance

Assess and improve your running performance alongside our Sport Medicine experts using the cutting-edge myoMOTION™ Gait Analysis system from Noraxon.

TPI™ Golf Health Program

Improve your golf game by understanding your movements and improving your performance with help from our Titleist Performance Institute™ certified fitness professionals.

Whether you want to improve strength and mobility, heal after injury or surgery, or develop a practice for prevention, sports medicine experts at our Berkshires resort help guide the way with targeted insights and sustainable routines to support your health, fitness, and performance goals.

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A man examining a woman's knee.

Musculoskeletal & Joint Assessment

50 min
A man examining a woman's knee.

The easiest injury to treat is the one that is prevented; optimizing your movement gets you there. If you’re experiencing limitations or musculoskeletal pain that disrupts daily living, or you’d like to become more active, meeting with a sports medicine specialist at the resort can help. You’ll have a full musculoskeletal evaluation to identify areas of impaired movement, function, mobility, or pain. And you'll receive a customized therapeutic exercise program, including home care plans for a return to optimal function and injury prevention.