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Fort Worth Wellness Club

Our fitness club & day spa blends holistic treatments with support from performance and spa professionals to provide you with a choice of services unmatched by other fitness clubs.

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A man getting a grip assessment with a performance scientist

Comprehensive Exercise Assessment

Two-part service
A man getting a grip assessment with a performance scientist

Find out how your fitness level compares with others your age. You can retake these tests over time to see the impact of your exercise program.

Part I (50 minutes) – Physical Assessment:
• Bod Pod® body composition test to measure body fat and fat-free mass
• Submaximal treadmill test to estimate VO2 max and determine target heart rate
• Bench press and grip-strength test to assess your upper body strength
• Force plate or sit-to-stand test analysis of your lower body power and strength

Part II (50 minutes) – Personalized Program Plan:
Your Performance Scientist gives you a full review of all test results and creates a personalized exercise prescription to meet your goals.

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