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Make Every Day Sacred with The Art of Contemplative Listening

Jan 30 2023
3 min read
Canyon Ranch Playlist with play button.

Take a sound journey with the Canyon Ranch Make Every Day Sacred playlist and learn more about yourself and the thoughts that matter in the moment.

The message often heard in songs can be inspiring. The musical composition may move you to dance, the lyrics may bring you to tears or help you push through a rough time.

But how often do you truly listen in real life to your family members, partners, children, or co-workers? Adam Smith, MA, Senior Spiritual Wellness Provider at Canyon Ranch Tucson, created a new experience-based presentation held in the Sanctuary called How to Make Every Day Sacred. Guests are invited to practice the art of contemplative listening by mindfully listening to music and taking a moment to have a reflective, introspective experience with the music they hear.

Ancient practices from wisdom traditions have long valued this way of holding something sacred. It's a way of being with, beholding, and claiming more than enough space and time for something or someone so there's a deeper awareness, compassion, and appreciation for the experience of life.

This has been done traditionally while reading ancient texts and being together in community. Sacred listening to contemporary music with existential, poetic, and creative themes is a modern way to build upon the ancient practices and tap into spiritual insight.

“Prioritizing your spiritual wellness every day is a way of making every day sacred,” explains Adam. “Spiritual wellness is sustained by allowing for simple, nourishing moments and having a way of gratitude, mindfulness, and self-compassion. A practice is sacred when it helps foster meaning and connection—and supports your health and wellness. Sacred practices included in How to Make Every Day Sacred are shown to help reduce anxiety and depression, reduce burnout, and increase life satisfaction.”

Below is a collection of 12 songs for listening with mind, heart, and soul curated by Adam and Pamela Dintaman, MDiv, Spiritual Wellness Provider at Canyon Ranch Tucson.

Take time to listen to these songs and become present with what arises in you as you hear the instruments and words. Hold sacred a word or phrase that stands out to you while listening, and ask what the word or phrase is offering you in your life today.

  1. "Change" by Big Thief
  2. "Leaves That Are Green" by Paul Simon
  3. "Song For Life" by Barbara Sipple
  4. "Flirted With You All My Life" by Vic Chesnutt
  5. "Blue Spotted Tail" by Fleex Foxes
  6. "The End" by Sibylle Baier
  7. "Mother - Take 64/ Raw Studio Mix" by John Lennon
  8. "Song for the Morning Star" by R. Carlos Nakai
  9. "Landslide (Orchestra Version)" by Steve Nicks
  10. "Real Death" by Mount Eerie
  11. "I'm On My Way" by Rhiannon Giddens, Francesco Turrisi
  12. "We Are" by Sweet Honey in The Rock
  13. "Hold Your Own" by Kae Tempest
  14. "I Am Willing" by Holly Near
  15. "Spinning My Wheels" by My Morning Jacket
  16. "Relaxation & Meditation" by African Music Drums Collection
  17. "Masar" by Le Trio Joubran
Headshot of Adam Smith, MA at Canyon Ranch Tucson

About the Expert

Headshot of Adam Smith, MA at Canyon Ranch Tucson

Adam Smith

MA, Senior Spiritual Wellness Provider

Adam can guide you in cultivating purpose, living with loss, emotional eating, and enjoying a more contemplative way of life. He uses evidence-based practices and continually witnesses how spiritual practices can deepen the meaning of your meals, strengthen the connection to your body and food, and help you communicate better.

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