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Headshot of Adam Smith, MA at Canyon Ranch Tucson
Team / Tucson, AZ

Adam Smith

MA, Senior Spiritual Wellness Provider

Headshot of Adam Smith, MA at Canyon Ranch Tucson

Adam can guide you in cultivating purpose, living with loss, emotional eating, and enjoying a more contemplative way of life. He uses evidence-based practices and continually witnesses how spiritual practices can deepen the meaning of your meals, strengthen the connection to your body and food, and help you communicate better.

Selected Highlights

MA, Pastoral Care, Fordham University

BA, Journalism, The University of Georgia

4.5 Units of Clinical Pastoral Education

Previous Adjunct Instructor, University of Arizona, School of Sociology

Ad Hoc Reviewer for Journal of Religion and Health

Contributor to Journal On Active Aging

Three major themes actively run through Adam’s life story: Family, Spirituality, and Music.

Adam was trained in clinical and spiritual care at a Level 1 Trauma center and psych hospital. With a background in bereavement counseling and hospice spiritual care, he specializes in grief support, addressing existential concerns, and facilitating meaning-making. He has developed and taught college courses at the University of Arizona on spirituality in healthcare settings and ethics in the helping professions.

Adam is well versed in integrative wellness, following Dr. Andrew Weil's teachings and collaborating with other departments in the Health & Performance division at Canyon Ranch. Adam’s favorite spiritual practices are moving while meditating: walking meditation, hiking in nature, mountain biking, riding his unicycle, and performing tricks on his Chinese yo-yo.

A former rap/hip-hop musician, Adam grew up making music with country mega-star Tyler Hubbard (of Florida Georgia Line) and still enjoys occasionally performing freestyle rap and inviting newcomers to flow. He presents and coaches on flow-state for athletic, creative, work, and everyday life performance. During his hospice work, Adam took up playing the Native American flute and now offers Creative Expressions services for playing the flute as a spiritual practice.

Years ago, when he was headed west, Adam’s grandmother in Georgia said, “Now don’t you go out there and meet some woman. You won’t ever come back.” And that’s exactly what happened. Adam fell in love with Elise and the Sonoran Desert mountains and sunsets in Tucson. He goes back to visit family, but the Georgia peach tree has been replanted in the desert, and he now has three growing boys with his wife, Elise.

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