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Thomas Lewis Headshot
Team / Lenox, MA

Thomas Lewis

Outdoor Sports Guide

Thomas Lewis Headshot

Thomas leads guests on hiking, snowshoe, cross-country skiing, bike (road or mountain), canoe, kayak, paddleboard, swimming, archery, and nature meditation excursions at our scenic New England property.

Selected Highlights

BA, University of California, Santa Barbara

MBA, University of Arizona

Certified Field Naturalist, Mass Audubon

Level 2 USA Archery Instructor

First Aid and CPR Certification

Certified Lifeguard

Certified Wilderness First Aid Provider, SOLO

Accredited Meditation Practitioner, The Priority Academy

Nordic Ski Instructor, U.S. Ski & Snowboard

efore finding his way to Canyon Ranch Lenox in the Berkshires, Thomas garnered extensive experience within a wide range of fitness and sports. For instance, he has held positions as a group fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and as a sports coach for swim, baseball, and softball teams—as well as outdoor sports training and coaching. His areas of expertise include natural history, cross country skiing, and all athletic performance training and coaching.

As an outdoor sports guide, Thomas leads numerous excursions year-round, and lectures on local and natural history. He also provides all safety/first aid/rescue/extraction activities and maintains his certifications in these areas. Thomas is known for his positive and encouraging manner and likes to find unique ways to inspire guests—whether through personalized hikes, snowshoe excursions, or epic bike rides with phenomenal views. For instance, after working for several days with an older guest who thought she’d never be able to do an off-property hike, Thomas worked to strengthen her physically and mentally before taking her “to a very special location called Ice Glen.” She was overwhelmed by its beauty and invigorated by moving out in nature again. This guest even wrote a letter weeks afterward to say she continued with her training and finding time to move in nature every week. For Thomas, this is what his job is all about—helping others to stay fit and be able to enjoy the great outdoors as much as he does.

In his down time, Thomas can usually be found outside (where else?). He also likes to seek out local natural foods spots, and new venues for art, music, or comedy. His words of wisdom: “Nature is a safe place that we are genetically connected to. We need to be outdoors, as often as possible, for a healthy life.” A fun fact about Thomas is that he was an events manager and producer of music, comedy shows, and festivals for 10 years before leaving to dive into an outdoor sports career full-time. For speaking engagements, please contact us .

For speaking engagements, please contact us .