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Headshot of Ronnie Grate
Team / Tucson, AZ

Ronnie Grate

Personal Trainer

Headshot of Ronnie Grate

Ronnie Grate teaches and develops fitness classes for Canyon Ranch Tucson, as well as works with guests in personal training sessions.

Selected Highlights


AFAA-Certified Group Fitness Trainer

Associates Degree in Justice Administration

Certified Nursing Tech

Ronnie Grate has more than 40 years of experience in the healthcare and fitness industry, training wellness seekers to lead healthier lifestyles and excel in their respective sports.

Ronnie's career has taken him everywhere from a 15-year tenure as an anesthesia technologist in operating rooms to the unique experience of touring with Celine Dion as the personal trainer for her husband and security staff.

He joined the team at our Arizona wellness resort after meaningful conversations with former high school classmates who spoke highly of the Canyon Ranch experience. Ronnie strongly believes that one's lifestyle significantly impacts their quality of life.

Ronnie guides guests in both one-on-one in personal training sessions and group fitness classes. He loves the immediate, positive responses he often sees from them. One of his favorite moments at Canyon Ranch so far includes a time Ronnie crafted a personalized training program for a guest who returned a year later to personally thank him for his help.

Outside work, Ronnie enjoys gardening, music, fishing, and exploring different corners of the world.

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