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 Jun 1 - Jul 31 (opens in new window)
Sergio Cardoso Headshot
Team / Lenox, MA

Sergio Cardoso

Fitness Instructor

Sergio Cardoso Headshot

Sergio Cardoso serves as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and Swimming Coach at our Lenox wellness resort in the Berkshires. With an impressive 30-year tenure in the fitness industry, Sergio brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role, guiding guests on their wellness journeys with skill and dedication.

Selected Highlights

Personal Trainer, ACSM

Fitness Instructor, ACE

Lifeguard, Red Cross

Yoga Certification

Sergio was motivated to join Canyon Ranch by our stellar reputation in the wellness industry. He was particularly drawn to our emphasis on holistic well-being, which strongly resonates with his own belief in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

With his passion for teaching, commitment to wellness, and dedication to fostering meaningful connections, Sergio continues to make a profound impact on the lives of guests.

For Sergio, wellness is not just a profession but a way of life, summed up by his personal mantra: "Take care of your body because nobody else will." This philosophy underscores his dedication to promoting self care and empowerment in both his professional and personal endeavors.

Outside of his professional commitments, Sergio is drawn to the world of design and painting, indulging his creative passions whenever possible.

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