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  • Exercise Outdoors This Winter
    Take advantage of the season with fun workouts that will keep you active on snowy days
  • Men’s Fitness for Every Stage of Life
    Feel your best by adjusting your workouts to fit your changing needs
  • Your Lap Swimming Workout
    A great session in the pool can provide an effective cardio and strength routine
  • Your Best Swim
    Stay focused in the pool—and get in your best workout—by addressing common issues ...
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Balance
    Boost your strength and stability to move confidently throughout your day
  • 5 Quick Cool-Down Stretches
    Give your body a mini-massage with these effective post-exercise moves
  • Stretching for Yoga
    Prepare, protect and soothe your muscles with these simple moves
  • Use Your Own Bodyweight to Strength Train
    10 exercises you can do anytime, anywhere—no equipment required
  • What Should I Eat Before My Workout?
    Learn what to eat before a workout to maximize your efforts
  • The Real Reason to Strengthen Your Glutes
    There’s more to toning your backside than looking good in your swimsuit. Here’s why ...
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