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De-Stress, Stay Fit, and Eat Well at Our Retreats for Losing Weight  

Apr 15 2024
5 min read
A woman doing weight loss exercises outdoors at Canyon Ranch health spa resort

Smash your weight loss goals with our all-inclusive Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program. Here’s what to expect and how to join.  

Our all-inclusive, adult weight loss retreats remain one of our most popular offerings, filling up fast and welcoming guests of all lifestyles and fitness stages.   

You won’t find any short-term fixes or fads – but, instead, a personalized, fact-based approach for women and men that uses a snapshot of your metabolism for long-term results. Plus, while you’re working on your goals, you’ll have access to our spa services and luxury amenities, so you can get fit and unwind.    

Ready to lose weight for good? Here, we’re diving into everything you need to know about our guest-favorite weight loss getaways, and how to join the next one. 

What is the Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program?

Our approach to weight loss is simple: Every journey is as unique as the person taking it. Given the right tools, anyone has the potential to achieve – and maintain – their healthiest weight.  

Join a retreat for weight loss at Canyon Ranch, and you’ll receive a comprehensive look at your metabolism, body composition, and more. Then, work one-on-one with a physician to review your current health, outline your goals, and create a personalized plan to reach them. We'll help you discover what life looks like at your healthiest weight, with an emphasis on integrative wellnes

This is all while enjoying unrivaled natural landscapes – from the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona to the Berkshires of New England– and our world-class luxury spa.s that’s been at the heart of our wellness philosophy from day one.  

A woman getting a weight loss consultation with a weight loss expert at Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort

What You Learn at Our Wellness Getaways

This isn’t about reworking your life around weight loss – but changing your approach to weight loss so it works for your life.  

Understand how integrative weight loss strategies apply to your body with advanced diagnostic tools and expert insights, then meet with your small group of like-minded guests to learn new ways to exercise, eat, and sleep from our team.  

Leave with actionable steps and personalized tips to implement in your daily life – even for the busiest schedules – and stay motivated for long-term results.   

Who Should Join

This body-positive wellness vacation is for anyone interested in adopting sustainable, lasting, and healthy strategies for losing weight. Whether you’re adjusting to a changing metabolism, or you’ve tried every diet from Atkins to WeightWatchers, our approach caters to all stages of the weight loss journey. All you need is a desire for personalized, integrative, and sustainable guidance that's grounded in expert insights and science-backed skills.    

What You Get

Every weight loss getaway package includes integrative services like a Personalized Physician Consult and a DEXA Body Composition scan. Guests are also able to choose from a list of optional services like a Musculoskeletal Joint Assessment, a Personalized Nutrition ConsultationAcupuncture for Healthy Weight, and more.    

Headshot of Dr. Stephen Brewer author of Canyon Ranch guide to Weight Loss

Meet Our Integrative Wellness Experts

During this immersive experience, you’ll work with a team of wellness experts – from fitness to spiritual health – led by Dr. Stephen Brewer.  

Dr. Brewer is a seasoned wellness professional who’s been advising our guests as Medical Director of Canyon Ranch Tucson for nearly two decades.  

He takes a realistic, sustainable approach to losing weight that values moderation over extreme exercise regimens or restrictive diets. He believes the key to balancing a busy professional life with personal wellness is to find a plan that works with your lifestyle.  

At a weight loss Immersion, you’ll get to personally meet Dr. Brewer and ask him any questions you may have on how to achieve that balance in your life.    

How You Can Join the Next Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program

Our next weekend retreats for weight loss are happening this summer at our wellness resorts in Tucson, AZ, and Lenox, MA. Stay up to date on when you can book here.  

Until then, explore our Get Healthy Designed Experience – our most comprehensive wellness package that helps you create healthier habits for weight loss, health goals, and more.