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Chapters: Books that Build Momentum

Dec 2 2021
3 min read
Well Read: Books that Build Momentum GIF.

Seven motivating books to help you – and your partner – stay on a personal path of wellness.

We asked Canyon Ranch experts to share the books (even the ones they’ve written) that will inspire you to live your well way of life – in every area of your life. Below, their top picks.

1. Atomic Habits

Author: James Clear
Why It Matters: This habit-based book takes a long-term approach to behavior change, emphasizing the small changes we can make and their exponential effect if we can remain consistent. There are a lot of great practical tools and activates scattered throughout that make all the content very actionable for you! -Sam Barthel, Performance Scientist, Canyon Ranch

2. Canyon Ranch Guide to Men's Health

Author: Stephen Brewer, MD
Why It Matters: “A great book to address the many health issues that can occur and potentially be avoided at different ages of men's lives.” -Stephen Brewer, MD, Medical Director, Canyon Ranch

3. Love Me Slender: How Smart Couples Team Up to Lose Weight, Exercise More, and Stay Healthy Together

Author: Thomas Bradbury, PhD., and Benjamin Karney, PhD
Why It Matters: “Love Me Slender…does a great job in addressing the issue of how couples can work together best in order to lose weight and get healthier, which also helps to build a better connection.” -Stephen Brewer, MD, Medical Director, Canyon Ranch

4. Mapping Cloud 9

Author: Steven Kotler
Why It Matters: Kotler provides an inspiring look into the history and science of flow performance research. The audiobook includes narration and open dialogue from Kotler, and it’s a great inside peek into the mind of one of the best contemporary performance psychology writers. -Dustin Nabhan, Vice President, Health & Performance, Canyon

5. Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance that Is Revolutionizing Sports

Author: Dr. Marc Bubbs
What It Matters: “Peak explores the fundamentals of high performance, the importance of consistency, and the value of patience. The weaving together of content from health, nutrition, and exercise is really well done. And by taking scientific research and presenting it into actionable guidance, it shows the value of full integration.” -Sam Barthel, Performance Scientist, Canyon Ranch

6. Shadow Yoga, Chaya Yoga: The Principles of Hatha Yoga

Author: Shandor Remete
Why It Matters: Shadow Yoga taught me about a practice that was different than Vinyasa flow and combined it with teachings from the tradition that I was unfamiliar with. While learning from drawings was a bit challenging, this provided [a great new addition to my] practice. -Dan Marko, Senior Spiritual Wellness Provider, Canyon Ranch Lenox

7. The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

Author: Charles Eisenstein
Why It Matters: “This book provides an historical perspective that aligns with today's relevant conversations on climate change, and highlights how creativity can bring greater innovation towards solving big challenges.” -Dan Marko, Senior Spiritual Wellness Provider, Canyon Ranch, Lenox