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What is Spirituality?

Mar 7 2021
4 min read
Close up of woman practicing yoga with her hands joined.

Q: So, What is Spirituality?

A: Spirituality is knowing who you really are and connecting with something larger than yourself. Some people believe it’s God, or Spirit, or the Source of all that is, and that it is outside of you. Others feel spirituality is inside of us. Some believe it’s both.

Spirituality often involves looking beyond the surface of things and trusting the process of how our lives unfold. This can be particularly useful when our lives become challenged and stressed. And our lives become more meaningful, and we feel more peace, when we know that we are supported and held in times of difficulty and ease. Part of why people get stressed is that they’re looking for an explanation, or reason, as to why these things are happening to them. Sometimes the wisdom of ‘why’ is only revealed later. A spiritual outlook helps greatly during these times — as it can increase our patience, while allowing us to stay trusting and grateful in a loving force in the universe.

Q: Are There Different Spiritual Personalities?

A: Yes! Some people are kinesthetic, and might do three hours of yoga a day. This personality connects spiritually through the body, via activities such as hiking, dancing, biking, nature walks, powerful gym workouts, etc. Some people are scholarly, and they find their spirituality through information, such as reading texts or scripture. Others are devotional, and they connect to their spirituality through service. By giving in their community or through charity work, they can better connect to their higher power.

Are There Exercises That You Give People to Help Them Discover Their Spiritual Side?

A: Yes…it could be a heart meditation, a mindfulness practice, setting an intention for your day, a prayer, creating a ritual to bring more meaning to your life, journaling, or gardening. It could even be scuba diving! It’s about what brings more meaning and purpose and value to you. What brings you to that place of feeling more connected. For most people it’s just getting in touch with what you love, what you’re passionate about, what lights up your soul — and getting lost in something. Spirituality has a lot to do with letting go, as well. There are certain things we can and can’t control.

What Are Some Misconceptions Surrounding Spirituality?

A: Some people are afraid to find a spiritual path because they think it’s outside their religion; but if you already have a faith, it’s really more of a deepening of what’s already there. Others aren’t religious, and they may be afraid that spirituality means joining a specific church or religion, which it is not. Spirituality is more of an inner process. It’s becoming clear on what brings meaning and purpose to your life. Spirituality really is an alignment of our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds coming together. It means your relationships work better, you’re doing work that’s aligned with your soul and is meaningful to you, and you are living more connected with your true purpose.