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Headshot of Kendall Steeno, Executive Chef at Canyon Ranch Las Vegas.
Team / Las Vegas, NV

Kendall Steeno

Executive Chef

Headshot of Kendall Steeno, Executive Chef at Canyon Ranch Las Vegas.

Kendall is the Executive Chef of Canyon Ranch, Las Vegas. Trained in classical French cuisine, his focus is on creating innovative, memorable, and healthy meals.

Selected Highlights

Savannah Technical College, Culinary Arts/ Chef Training

Servsafe Certified

As Executive Chef at Canyon Ranch Las Vegas, Kendall builds, supports, and encourages the large Las Vegas culinary team, steering them toward goals of excellence. Together, the Food & Nutrition team collaborates and creates inspiring cuisine that encourages wellness, vitality, and a healthy lifestyle for guests.

Kendall’s vast experience includes 10 years of cooking classical French delicacies, pastries, and breads. At multiple restaurants and venues, he’s stretched his culinary prowess, learning to prepare a vast range of cuisine, including Southern BBQ, Thai food, Indian food, and vegan. He has 18 years of culinary experience, from catering events for thousands to exclusive private dinners.

During his downtime, Kendall can often be found on his skateboard. He also loves to run and swim with his dogs Ziggy and Marley or go for a hike or cook with his wife Jocya or his son Lydon. His favorite words of wisdom: “If you change nothing, nothing will change.”

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