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Our Valentine’s Retreats At-A-Glance

Feb 3 2023
By Laura Roe Stevens
1 min read
Hands making heart shape against sun

Many of us want authentic and supportive relationships but find them hard to obtain. Heart-focused retreats can be the solution.

There is an emotional part of our being that resonates inside our heart. Maybe you wish to cultivate loving, balanced, and meaningful relationships? Perhaps you desire exploring sensual rituals in a safe space? Or maybe you need to repair family dynamics and start a new journey that respects and honors each family member?

Give yourself the gift of physical and emotional joy by diving into your heart and sparking a powerful journey to love. Whether your focus may be on self-love, family bonding, or intimacy within a relationship, our experts will share tools that may unlock energetic blockages in your heart and allow love to flow freely in all areas of your life.

Canyon Ranch is hosting a heart-centered event at each of our wellness resort locations in Tucson, Arizona, Woodside, California, and Lenox, Massachusetts.

View our upcoming events here.