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5 Ways a Summer Vacation Improves Your Well-Being

May 6 2024
3 min read
A couple kayaking at Canyon Ranch Lenox health spa resort

Summer’s just around the corner — start planning your next getaway to get well.

As the original wellness resort, we understand the power of a good getaway. Somewhere between stretching out by the pool for the first time and reading the last page of a good book, a vacation works its healing powers. Think of time-off not as a luxury but a necessity – for rejuvenating yourself and improving your health. 

Enjoy the fruits of your leisure and check out these five health benefits of vacation.  

Decreases Stress
Taking a break — even one that lasts just 60 seconds — can lower stress levels, increase the production of mood-boosting endorphins and bring your heart rate down. Now stretch that break over a few days or even a week, and the benefits only increase.  

Women laughing at the flagstone pool at Canyon Ranch Tucson Health Spa Resort

Beats Burnout  
One good productivity hack? Making time to be unproductive. Occupational experts agree that taking personal time has been shown to increase employee productivity and lead to a decrease in sick time. Studies have found that people who take a vacation return to work feeling more relaxed and energized. They describe themselves as more efficient and even tend to think of their jobs as more interesting than they did before taking a break. 

Improved Relationships  
Reconnecting with family and friends away from the hustle and bustle of daily life can have a tremendous effect on your mental health. Studies have shown that people who vacation more frequently are less likely to become anxious, tense, depressed, tired, or dissatisfied with their marriage. And you don’t need to schedule a monthly getaway to reap the benefits: People who scheduled just two vacations a year were far more likely to be happier, both in their work and home lives. 

Women laughing while hiking in the Sonoran Desert at Canyon Ranch Tucson Health Spa Resort

Less Risk of Heart Disease  
The positives of a good getaway go beyond your mental health. Regular vacations may help you reduce your risk for heart disease and avoid common health problems, such as high blood pressure. One study of men who were considered at high-risk for coronary heart disease found that those who took an annual vacation lowered their overall chances of death by 20 percent and their chances of death from heart disease by 30 percent. 

A Mood Boost 
Hold on to the healing benefits of your last vacation by thinking ahead to your next one. The simple act of planning a holiday has been shown to increase your perceived happiness, indicating that vacation anticipation alone can have a powerful positive effect on your mood. Need some travel inspo to get you started? Plan your next wellness vacation with a Designed Experience package, which takes the planning off your plate for a perfectly curated getaway.