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Get Hip to Collagen! 5 Quick Tips & Our Delicious Bone Broth Based Chicken Soup

Nov 21 2020
2 min read
overhead image of a bowl of chicken soup

Are you curious about collagen and feeling flirty for bone broth? Well, we’ve got your back!

Collagen, a protein found throughout our bodies, keeps our bones, ligaments, and tendons together – like a natural glue.

Supplementary collagen, found in capsules, powders and in broths, is usually animal based, coming from the bones, skin and connective tissues of cattle, fish, horses, pigs or rabbits. Collagen can also be sourced from vegetarian substances like silica and soy.

As we age, the collagen within our body naturally depletes. Unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and poor dietary habits can accelerate the decline of collagen in our bodies.

That’s exactly why it’s important to learn about collagen and why you should try to get as much as you can into your daily diet.

5 Quick Collagen Tips

  1. Collagen does wonders for the body, is great for skin health, ligament health, and contributes to healthy weight maintenance because it’s very satiating.

  2. Collagen is best absorbed throughout the body when paired with Vitamin-C rich foods like tomatoes and peppers.

  3. One of the many delicious sources of collagen happens to be bone broth. And bone broth tastes great paired with grilled or fresh vegetables – just like the tomatoes and peppers mentioned above!

  4. If you don’t have the time to cook down chicken or beef for collagen rich bone broth, grass-fed collagen can be purchased by the bag and can be used in many savory and sweet recipes.

  5. If you want to maximize collagen formation within the body, be sure to incorporate vitamin-A rich foods, copper rich foods – such as nuts, and proline dense foods - like egg whites, cheese, soy and cabbage into your daily nutrition plan.

Be sure to tempt your taste buds with our favorite collagen-rich bone broth based chicken soup here.