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Fun, Fitness & Social Connection on the Pickleball Court  

Jun 26 2024
3 min read
a group playing pickleball on the outdoor courts at Canyon Ranch health spa resort

Our racket sports experts’ top reasons you should try pickleball to have fun with your friends and family.

It’s easy to see why within the past year pickleball’s become everyone’s new favorite group activity. With simple rules, the ability to accommodate players of all skill levels, and its inherent social nature, it’s perfect for connecting with family, friends, or even new acquaintances.  

Here’s why you should consider pickleball for your next group getaway and how to hit the courts alongside our experts on your next stay at one of our world-class resorts.  

Easy to Learn, Fun to Play 
Pickleball’s perfect for beginners — straightforward with a quick learning curve. Our racket sport experts ensure participants are ready for recreational play by the end of every lesson, regardless of skill level or experience. Anyone can jump in and enjoy the game without feeling intimidated.   

Promotes Camaraderie  
Given its small playing area, the pickleball court encourages conversation and laughter, and our experts often see sessions turn into social gatherings filled with fun and friendly competition. One of their favorite parts is seeing families bond out on the court again and again throughout their stay, creating shared memories that last long after their getaway ends. 

Personalized Play  
Various game formats keep the sport fresh and exciting. Players can mix teams in a round robin style or engage in competitive best-of-three matches – meaning everyone gets a chance to play. Our pickleball experts provide tailored lessons, ensuring a personalized approach that helps players improve their techniques, avoid common mistakes, and enhance their overall skills. 

Perfect Vacation Activity 
There’s no better time to learn a new sport than on vacation. Make the most of your time off – whether it’s a group getaway or solo retreat. Pickleball offers a wonderful way to spend quality time with loved ones, meet new friends, engage in a fun fitness activity, and learn new skills you can take with you and enjoy for years to come. Our instructors love hearing stories of guests who continue playing pickleball long after their vacation, using it to stay active and connected with family and friends. 

When you’re ready to meet your match out on the court, keep an eye out for one of our upcoming Pickleball camp retreats at Canyon Ranch Tucson or Lenox, or consider booking a session on your next stay.