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Arizona wellness center courtyard with a statue of a woman, water feature, and plants.
Arizona wellness center courtyard with a statue of a woman, water feature, and plants.

Canyon Ranch Immersion™

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The Heart of Canyon Ranch

Join an exclusive, small group of guests for a transformative event centered on the most powerful wellness topics of today.

Get expert-led insights, curated services, dynamic group interaction, and all-inclusive amenities merged to help you put deep understanding into lasting practice. Engage in Canyon Ranch’s most integrated and powerful blend of programming and custom options around a single unifying theme for each retreat.

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A bright fitness class with attendees surrounding the instructor
A group class in a large room with floor-to-ceiling windows at Tucson

Weeklong Immersion

Focus on a single core wellness topic for a week, and activate the full transformative power of Canyon Ranch over 5 nights of immersive experiences.

A group setting with a central facilitator
A group setting with a central facilitator

Central Facilitator

An inspiring moderator and program champion who deletes distractions, structures the beginning, middle, and end of the program and orchestrates the contributions of a wide range of experts.

Outdoor fitness class stretching
Outdoor class with group stretching

Small Group Dynamic

Connect at your pace with a shared community of like-minded people to inspire you during and beyond your stay. Programming and shared meals bring you together to join forces and support progress.

Group in a class listening intently
A group listening intently and smiling in a class

Expert-Led Programs

Master proven methods and the whys behind them. The engaging curriculum and materials support lasting change during this inspiring 5-night retreat. Get up close access to leading experts and their actionable insights.

How many places can you go in your life that will change your life forever?

Give the Gift of Wellness

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