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How It Works

You can easily book your services online. Enjoy choosing among the many exceptional spa and wellness services.

Book online or call (702) 414-3610 to schedule your visit.

Coconut Nourish Cocoon

Bliss is here. Experience a gentle exfoliation and soothing body treatment while you relax and float in our cocoon envelopment bed.

Euphoria King's Bath

Bliss begins here. Our elegant treatment to relax body and mind includes aromatherapy scalp massage, botanical body masque, a deep soak, and massage with herb-infused oils.

Replenishing Treatment

For the mommy-to-be, nourish your skin with a hydrating body polish and a relaxing prenatal massage to help improve circulation and get in touch with your body and your baby.

Revitalizing Sea Salt Scrub

Renew the glow to your skin with our sea salt scrub that leaves it feeling soft and velvety smooth, regardless of your skin type.

Revitalizing Sea Salt Scrub & Full-Body Massage

Complete luxury and pampering is yours. This extended treatment is the ultimate in relaxation combining our sea salt body scrub and Canyon Ranch Custom Massage.

Seasonal Body Scrub

Indulge in our full-body scrub that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated with the scent of the season.

Seasonal Body Scrub & Full-Body Massage

This scent of the season duo is the ultimate in body treatment.

Seasonal Cocoon

This cocoon features luxurious, organic products to reflect the season.

Seasonal Cocoon & Full-Body Massage

This scent of the season duo will delight your body and spirit.

Seaweed Detox Cocoon

Detox and luxury come together in this treatment that inlcudes a gentle exfoliation followed by deep relaxation in our cocoon envelopment bed.

Seaweed Detox Cocoon & Full-Body Massage

This is the ultimate indulgence to relax mind and body. Our ultra-nourishing cocoon treatment is followed by a stress-melting massage to leave you in a state of bliss.

Serenity Bath & Massage

There is nothing more relaxing than a luxurious soak in sage bath salts followed by a full body massage with herbal oils, leaving your skin and senses refreshed and restored.

Tropical Body Scrub

Organic coconut heals, rejuvenates, and softens your skin in our Tropical Body Scrub.

Tropical Body Scrub & Full-Body Massage

Ultimate luxury and pampering is yours. This extended treatment relaxes the senses combining our tropical body scrub with a Canyon Ranch Full-Body Massage.

Ultra Nourishing Cocoon

Your body will thank you with this ultra-nourishing cocoon that will leave your skin plump, rejuvenated and soft.