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Headshot of Valesha Ulbricht, RN at Canyon Ranch Tucson
Team / Tucson, AZ

Valesha Ulbricht

RN, Clinical Nurse Manager

Headshot of Valesha Ulbricht, RN at Canyon Ranch Tucson

Valesha leverages 10 years of clinical nursing experience to manage the Medical Department’s Nursing Team and Clinical Operations at Canyon Ranch Tucson.

Selected Highlights

ASN, Nursing Science

Professional Leadership Award, AZ Board of Nursing

Valesha began her nursing career after graduating from high school at age 15, working with Alzheimer’s patients while taking college classes. As an RN, she worked in multiple assignments at Tucson Medical Center for 10 years, including as an RN preceptor and Charge Nurse. Passionate about the level of personalized preventative health care at Canon Ranch, she is consistently wowed by the number of guests she sees make profound life changes to reach their optimal health.

A fan of exploration and travel with her husband and daughter, Valesha also enjoys the theater and writing, and played a role in an award-winning locally produced short film.

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