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Petra Gronenberg, Outdoor Sports Guide at Canyon Ranch Tucson.
Team / Tucson, AZ

Petra Gronenberg

Outdoor Sports Guide

Petra Gronenberg, Outdoor Sports Guide at Canyon Ranch Tucson.

Petra is an experienced nature guide who leads memorable hikes at Canyon Ranch Tucson, located in Sonoran Desert. Her depth of knowledge about birds and nature, as well as her teaching background, allows Petra to answer many questions and engage guests with this magical landscape.

Selected Highlights

BA, Fine Art, English, Berlin, Germany

Naturalist Volunteer, Sabino Canyon, Tucson

German Teacher's Certificate

Petra is a retired teacher from Germany who thoroughly embraces her love for birds, nature, and the Sonoran Desert. After moving to Tucson from Germany in 1999, she began volunteering as a hiking guide with the Southern Arizona Hiking Club. Petra is also a Naturalist Volunteer with Sabino Canyon in Tucson and leads tours at the Sonoran Desert Museum.

Her love for nature and enthusiasm to share what is most unique and magical in the desert is a hit with guests. Petra has been an Outdoor Sports Guide at Canyon Ranch Tucson for twenty years, where she also teaches ceramic classes. She says each day and each hike is different in wonderful ways due to the guests who inspire her with lively conversation. “We have lots of time to talk on hikes, and what’s said on the trail, stays on the trail! So we don’t talk about it later!”

Petra loves to engage with others and spend time in nature—marrying her work with her passion. Slowing down to notice beauty in simple moments makes her grateful. For instance, one of her favorite memories at Canyon Ranch was showing a guest a hummingbird nest with baby birds. “She had never seen one before and was so happy and thankful. It made my day!”

Her words of wisdom? “Enjoy every day and walk outside.”

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