12 Recipes That Support Detoxification

date: February 22, 2013

Clean eating (consuming whole, unrefined foods; avoiding chemicals, additives, preservatives and pesticides) helps give your body what it needs to function  its best—and that includes support for its amazing ability to protect against toxins you encounter in your environment, the water you drink and more.  Though your market is undoubtedly stocked with hundreds of good-for-you choices, there are some nutritional superheroes—garlic, blueberries and others—that are leaders when it comes to foods that have exceptional detoxifying benefits. This collection of delicious recipes from the Canyon Ranch kitchen features them and others among their ingredients. As you look for more ways to improve your diet and add new healthy dishes to your repertoire, consider integrating these into your “clean routine.”

Banana Yogurt Smoothie
Bananas deserve praise in their own right. For an even healthier treat, blend them with yogurt. It’s an ideal source of probiotics (healthy, live bacteria), which act as powerful detoxifiers to cleanse your colon.

Stir-Fry Vegetables with Soy Pomegranate Dressing
Antioxidants from deeply colored vegetables—like the snow peas, carrots, radishes, red peppers, zucchini, squash and broccoli in this dish—are among the most potent source of detoxifying nutrients.

Frittata with Bell Peppers & Onions
Eating just half a cup of onions each day can reduce cancer risk. Get a jump-start on that goal while you’re still in your PJs with this savory dish that will leave you full and energized.

Onion Relish
Look no further for the perfect condiment to enhance your next barbeque or group gathering.

Whole-Wheat Flaxseed Bread
Start your sandwiches off on the right foot with this bread, featuring detoxifying flaxseeds, which are also loaded with inflammation-fighting omega-3s.

Pear Waldorf Salad
Red grapes accent this refreshing (and resveratrol-packed) recipe. However, since this fruit ranks among the highest pesticide-treated foods, consider opting for organic bunches.

Chicken Stuffed with Caramelized Garlic
One bite of this flavorful, comforting dish—starring superfood garlic—will make it clear that regular old chicken can learn new tricks. (Certified organic poultry is best for clean eating.)

Cuban Garlic Soup
Garlic is also front and center in this savory soup, which will have your dinner guests saying ole!

Mashed Sesame Soybeans
Chockfull of detoxifying soybeans, this sensational side almost deserves main course status. The vitamin E and isoflavones in soy help manage harmful free radicals. And in animals, soy protein significantly slashes the amount of fat and triglycerides in the liver, which helps it do its job better.

French Blueberry Cream Tart
You’ll fall in love with the juicy blueberries and creamy texture of this très délicieux tart.

Blueberry Soup
Broaden your horizons with this unconventional yet scrumptious soup that also showcases this detoxifying dynamo.

Spicy Curried Cauliflower
This Indian-inspired vegetarian entrée features cauliflower, a crucifer. Cruciferous vegetables contain sulforaphane and other detoxifying sulfuric compounds, which help the liver eliminate toxins.

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