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Reconnect with Joy

We Help You

Recover from loss or trauma, find renewed strength, and rediscover joy as a vital nutrient for your lifelong well-being.

Get Guidance from Experts

Work with a behavioral therapist and spiritual wellness provider to discover activities and rituals that revitalize and affirm happiness.

Discover Your Path

Practice rituals that grow your resilience and set goals for lifelong well-being while exploring new ways of expression and creativity.

Cultivate Enduring Happiness

Leave with the tools, practices, and confidence to move powerfully through life’s transitions to strength, joy, and wonder.

Takeaway List

  • Custom Exercise Routines

  • Practices & Rituals for Mindful Living

  • Behavioral Therapy Tools & Techniques

  • New Interests & Passions

Pricing & Services Tucson

Core Services

3 Nights

from $2,850*
4 Core Services 
+ 1 Electives

5 Nights

from $4,500*
5 Core Services 
+ 3 Electives

7 Nights

from $5,950*
6 Core Services 
+ 4 Electives

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