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Optimal Health

We Help You

Thrive by addressing existing barriers to health and devising a precise plan for preventing new ones.

This Pathway Plus is a highly personalized experience designed just for you. We recommend speaking with a reservation agent at (800) 326-7100 to start customizing your journey.

Understand Your Health Profile

Through comprehensive labs and diagnostics, your integrative physician analyzes your body’s processes to provide a full picture of your health that includes strengths, opportunities, and the source of any symptoms.

Establish Your Practice

Learn practical and behavioral tactics for improvement and prevention guided by your exercise physiologist, nutritionist, and mental health or spiritual wellness expert.

Live Life to the Fullest

Leave with a precise plan for your health, the practices and skills to sustain it, and a virtual coaching follow-up to support your journey toward a more vibrant, fulfilling life.

Takeaway List

  • Diagnostic insights for health optimization

  • Precise plan for health management

  • Personalized nutrition guidance

  • Custom exercises and fitness routines

  • An understanding of your strengths and opportunities

  • The ability to identify and alleviate sources of stress

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