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A woman jogging outside
Woman jogging outdoors

Health Exploration

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Learn health insights and practices to help you live younger longer.

Canyon Ranch resorts are all-inclusive with many activities and lectures, restaurants with unlimited meals and snacks, dozens of wellness experts and practitioners, and luxury accommodations set in breathtaking retreat environments.

Two women facing each other and smiling during Wellness Consultation at Canyon Ranch.
Two women talking during a Wellness Consultation at Canyon Ranch.

Learn from Experts

Get an overview of techniques and practices that integrate guidance for mind, body, and spirit.

Man running on a treadmill in a gym
Man running on a treadmill in the gym

Discover Your Path

Develop a personalized plan for improvement guided by your nutritionist, exercise physiologist, behavioral therapist, and spiritual guide.

A few bowls filled with vegetables
Overhead view of a table covered in healthy plates for food with an arm reaching across.

Live a Healthier Life

Leave with the know-how to sustain your wellness journey and the confidence to pursue a more vibrant, fulfilling life.

Takeaway List

  • Pinpoint root causes of medical conditions

  • Discover food options for healing purposes

  • Develop a personalized exercise plan

  • Set goals for a healthier lifestyle

Pricing & Services Tucson

Core Services

3 Nights

from $3,000*
4 Core Services 
+ 1 Electives

5 Nights

from $4,750*
6 Core Services 
+ 2 Electives

7 Nights

from $6,300*
8 Core Services 
+ 4 Electives
Accommodations and meals are .

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