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Whether you’re rewarding your sales team, retreating before a convention or trying a new method to boost productivity, Canyon Ranch® spa + fitness provides the perfect blend of wellness and relaxation for you and your coworkers.

Build teamwork through climbing and belaying on our 40-foot rock wall; treat colleagues to a signature massage, which de-stresses employees with even the most demanding projects; or fuel up – quickly – between conference sessions with energizing coffee, nutritious wraps and vibrant bowls from CR CREĀT.

Canyon Ranch spa + fitness customizes each experience to fit your group’s needs. This isn’t your average corporate retreat – it’s better.



You may be in Las Vegas for a convention, a meeting or a pitch. At Canyon Ranch spa + fitness, discover how balance is the difference between burning the midnight oil and burning out.


meditation sessions that generate new ideas by giving your brain some time off. That feeling of fresh energy and enthusiasm you have after a vacation? The same thing happens when you calm your mind – and everyone in attendance will be better for it.


Avoid stressful days that lead to stress eating. Nutritious meal options are customizable for groups of 15 to 100, from grab-and-go to sit-and-chat. Brain food? You bet. Our team can craft a meeting menu that will reinvigorate participants (breakfast, lunch and reception available), or Canyon Ranch Grill can pre-package lunches for up to 50 people. Private dining spaces at Canyon Ranch Grill include Dimezzo (capacity: up to 15) and Largo (capacity: up to 35). There’s also an option to exclusively reserve the Grill (capacity: up to 100).


Amid the nonstop rush of presentations, clients, notes and day-to-night focus, catch your breath. Gather your thoughts. Bring a wellness twist to your business meeting. We’ll provide experts, wherever you are, to recharge attendees, keynote speakers, employees and more.


Even the most ergonomic seating can’t compare with our Chair Massages, seated massages that soothe the lower back, detensify shoulders and bring relief to your neck. Take lounging to the next level with a Canyon Ranch spa + fitness-created relaxation area, where your team can recenter and recharge before taking on the next presentation or kicking off the third day of your convention.

A meeting doesn’t have to be all PowerPoints and breakout sessions. Discover a new way of thinking with Mindful Breaks, Canyon Ranch expert-led

Prefer grab and go? Vouchers for CR CREĀT (the best option for healthy food, fast) can be distributed.

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Your company had an incredible year, and you want your colleagues to feel the same. Maybe your business tackled considerable challenges, and you want to empower those who showed up when things got tough. Here: Relax and recharge.


massage table or explore Aquavana® – European-inspired aquathermal environments – alone. Upgrade the ordered-in-pizza lunch break with a private dining experience at Canyon Ranch Grill, where the entrees are as delectable as they are nutritious (and the wine’s organic). Cheers!


Empower attendees to pursue healthier and happier lives, both professionally and personally. With more than 150 treatments and services, we have something for everyone in your group. Spa Day Passes give ultimate flexibility and full access to world-class wellness at the largest day spa in North America. Passes allow all-day use of facilities, including locker rooms, Aquavana, the rock wall and presentations (passes are included on days you receive treatments and services). Individual treatments make every colleague feel like employee of the month. We recommend the Vitamin-C Antioxidant Facial for your

Your business is a collection of people who bring it every day. At Canyon Ranch spa + fitness, reward those who show up in more ways than one.


You’ve put in the hours together – now, indulge together. Group experiences increase camaraderie and collaboration among teams. Don’t worry, we’re not thinking trust falls. Canyon Ranch spa + fitness has dozens of options for manicures and pedicures – gossip about the latest HBO series as we prep and polish. Or, show ’em who’s boss on the 40-foot rock wall, a different approach to scale a business. Private group fitness classes are customizable to all levels and goals, from low-impact yoga to spin to a jog on Las Vegas Boulevard. Not into running? Have the run of the place. Canyon Ranch spa + fitness can open early exclusively for your group, so your team can focus on a healthy work/life balance in a wellness presentation, book every

top-seller, Reflexology for your most-improved and the Canyon Stone Massage for you, because you earned it. Where’d you put that World’s Best Boss mug?

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The perfect corporate retreat takes your group to a place of new possibilities, clear thinking and recharged enthusiasm. Discover an award-winning experience that reflects your organization’s commitment to building a healthy team.


intentional intermissions can lead to epiphany. Taking a break from brainstorming doesn’t have to mean zoning out. Mindful Breaks are curated, Canyon Ranch expert-led meditation sessions that bring silence to your brain – with surprising results. Meditation stimulates new ways of thinking and new ideas. See how quiet can make some noise. Chair Massages – seated massages that target areas including lower back, shoulders and neck – bring relief to even the most difficult corporate challenges, everywhere from boardrooms to convention centers. Fit Breaks, which bring Canyon Ranch fitness wherever you are, rev up body and mind. Refocus after a guided stretching session, or get your heart and ideas pumping in a yoga session.


Transition each morning’s meeting into an inspirational afternoon. Options for healthy, company-sponsored downtime include early-open or late-close Canyon Ranch spa + fitness hours, private group exercise classes for 20 to 500 attendees and a 40-foot rock wall for team-building. Spa Day Passes allow attendees to spend downtime as they please, including

A company retreat doesn’t have to be predictable – think of it as a fresh opportunity for stress reduction, and personal and professional transformation. Add a little spa-ahh to your meetings and corporate events. Canyon Ranch spa + fitness re-energizes retreats, striking the balance between strategy and spa sessions, productivity and pampering.


Consider Canyon Ranch Grill for your opening happy hour. Light bites include crispy kale chips with housemade ranch dressing; shrimp ceviche with creamy avocado, crunchy cucumber and lavosh; and Maine lobster cakes with fresh arugula and a house dijon vinaigrette. Nosh and sip on local Nevada craft beer, biodynamic wines and refreshing cocktails – it’s the kind of place everyone from CEOs and just-starting-their-career pros will love. Private dining rooms and restaurant buy-outs are available, as well as custom catering menus.


Even the best start ups slow down. At Canyon Ranch spa + fitness, mindful and

wandering Aquavana, which is great for those who do their best thinking in the shower (passes are included on days you receive treatments and services). Or, reserve the entire Canyon Ranch spa + fitness facility to give attendees complete access to spa, fitness, wellness and beauty offerings, including more than 82 treatment rooms and more than 150 different services.

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Together, we can plan a convention, reward or retreat that’s memorable and productive. All experiences at Canyon Ranch spa + fitness can be enhanced to achieve your group’s goals. Should you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s get to business.

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