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Canyon Ranch Corporate Sustainability Mission Statement:

As the leader in providing a holistic, integrative health and wellness experience, Canyon Ranch strives to develop a harmonious balance with the natural world while delivering a superior guest experience.  Through preventive practices, ensuring the wellbeing of our guests and our surrounding natural environments have been considered in every major company decision since 1979.  From utilizing a clean and healthy food philosophy to implementing robust recycling and renewable resource programs, we endeavor to create a footprint that is green and friendly to the world around us.

At Canyon Ranch, we believe that it is our responsibility to our guests, employees and the community that all company policies help create and maintain a clean, healthy environment, and that they demonstrate our belief that sound environmental practices within a thriving community are integral to overall personal health. Everything we do promotes healthy minds, more agile bodies and awakened spirits.

By extending the same thought process that brought us an enhanced understanding of the interconnectivity of mind, body and spirit, we are helping people live in greater balance with the natural world. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment by recycling, using renewable resources whenever possible, conserving natural resources, reducing energy use and implementing solar power when appropriate.

We are committed to ensuring that every major decision made by the company takes into account its impact on the guest experience, our employees, the greater community and the natural environment.

In striving for optimal balance between the individual and the world we live in, it is our goal to extend the Canyon Ranch philosophy – the creation and fostering of lifelong wellness – into the broader arena of the community, and to the environment that we all hold in trust.

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