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Woman sitting in a salt wall sauna at Canyon Ranch.
Woman sitting in a salt wall sauna at Canyon Ranch.

Relax and Renew

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Prioritize self-care to energize your zest for life. Unwind and rejuvenate mind and body with experiences that help you look and feel your best.

Canyon Ranch resort and spa destinations are all-inclusive with many wellness activities and lectures, restaurants with unlimited meals and snacks, dozens of wellness experts and practitioners, and luxury accommodations set in breathtaking retreat environments.

Woman working with a Wellness Guide.
Woman working with a Wellness Guide.

Plan Your Path

Work with a Wellness Guide to schedule spa and beauty, fitness and movement, and healing therapies that harmonize body and mind.

Woman getting treatment service.
Woman getting treatment service.

Get Expert Treatment

Skilled practitioners in a variety of modalities across body, mind, and spirit help reduce stress, heighten focus, and inspire a new glow, inside and out.

Woman enjoying life.
Woman enjoying life.

Find New Balance

Leave relaxed, renewed and with a foundation that sustains you through the challenges of daily life.

Takeaway List

  • Luxury spa treatments that heighten relaxation

  • Salon and skin services that enhance beauty

  • Healing therapies to harmonize body and mind

  • Insights to inspire mindful living

  • Methods for alleviating sources of stress

Pricing & Services Tucson

Core Services

3 Nights

from $3,000*
4 Core Services 
+ 1 Electives

5 Nights

from $4,750*
6 Core Services 
+ 2 Electives

7 Nights

from $6,300*
8 Core Services 
+ 4 Electives
Accommodations and meals are .