The Transformative Power of a Haircut

When you think of making a change that has the potential to inspire, rejuvenate or motivate you, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s considering a different career, redecorating your house or finally booking that meditation retreat you’ve been interested in. While big actions like these are worthwhile ways to spark a shift in your life, they often require a lot of investment—of thought, time, effort and even money. Something as simple as getting a haircut can be just as powerful and transformative.

A haircut is going to change my life?

It may sound a little silly, but, for many of us, our hair is part of what defines us; it’s one of our most prominent features. So when it changes for the better, something in us changes, too. With your strands looking revived and maybe completely different than before, it’s likely that you’ll also feel that way. And with that comes a fresh outlook—that this new you can be open to other possibilities and get out there and be your best self. In fact, that’s exactly why we have beauty salons at Canyon Ranch—so our guests can come in for a haircut (or other treatment) and walk out feeling encouraged to be proactive in other ways.

Maybe a new haircut gives you a dose of confidence that helps you speak up more during office meetings, or take on that new dance class that once seemed way out of your league. Perhaps it boosts your self-esteem enough to encourage you to tell a story at a party without worrying about having all eyes on you.

Many people tell us that a new ‘do helps them see themselves in a different light. Cutting your long hair into a trendy, shoulder-length bob, for example, might make you see a younger, “put together” woman who has energy and a renewed drive to go after a dream. Adding some layers or highlights to that hairstyle you’ve had for years could reveal to you a person who’s vibrant and creative and ready to make more time for herself.

Whatever the ripple effect a haircut has, it can be profound. Believe it or not, it’s been studied: Researchers discovered that people who dislike their hairstyle tend to feel more self-conscious and embarrassed, doubting their capabilities. We, of course, have seen first-hand that the opposite is quite true.

At the heart of it, a haircut that awakens something inside of you makes you feel happy. And if an hour in a stylist’s chair can transform your mood for the better—and, beyond that, help you feel good about other choices you’re making (and chances you’re taking) in your life—it’s worth making the appointment.

Discuss what you envision with the pros at the salon; bring pictures of looks you like to help the conversation along. Or, if you’re not sure, ask your stylist for her advice. Though you may be nervous at first, try to enjoy the experience and remind yourself that you’re doing it for you, and that maybe this transformation might lead to an even bigger one.

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