Experience The Bod Pod® Body Composition Screening At Canyon Ranch

Are you curious about your body composition? With a quick and easy test, our Bod Pod® device will accurately measure your body fat percentage and lean body mass. After your test, one of our exercise physiologists will review and explain your results. All you need to do is bring tight-fitting sports clothes or a bathing suit and relax for 25 minutes.

Here are the facts to prepare you for your Bod Pod® experience:

What exactly is the Bod Pod®?

The Bod Pod is an egg-shaped screening device that measures body composition– one of the best indicators of your overall health. Unlike old-fashioned body fat scales or skin-fold calipers, the Bod Pod uses air displacement to precisely measure your weight, body fat percentage and fat-free mass. It’s so highly accurate that it can measure even minuscule changes in your body fat, muscles, bones, and organs.

How do I prepare for the screening?

It’s simple – avoid eating or drinking large amounts of food or liquid an hour prior to testing. Avoid strenuous exercise (sweating) 30 minutes prior to testing. Wear minimal form-fitting clothing – bathing suit, sports bra, tight shorts are ideal.

What should I expect? How long does it take?

You’ll sit inside the Bod Pod for around 2 minutes total. During that time, the door will be opened and closed between two 40-second periods. All you need to do is relax and breathe normally!

How soon will I get my test results?

Immediately– that’s the best part. Right after administering the test, an exercise physiologist reviews and explains the results.

Will I receive a plan of action?

Yes. A plan of action, specific to your results, is prepared.

Who should take this test?

A body composition screening is for anyone who wants to get a 360° look at their health– truly, if you want to better understand and improve your health, this test is for you.

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