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6 Dance Styles to Get You in Shape 

May 20 2024
3 min read
Women dancing at Canyon Ranch Lenox

Embrace the pure joy of movement – plus powerful mental and physical health benefits – with energizing fitness dance classes.   

Dance classes are among the most popular fitness offerings at Canyon Ranch’s all-inclusive wellness resorts – and for good reason. From shaking it out alongside friends to learning new moves from long-time pros, dance promises feel-good fun, plus some powerful health benefits. In fact, moving to the music can benefit everything from blood pressure to weight loss, resilience, mental health, and more.  
Ready to glide, stomp, and twirl your way to better well-being? Explore popular dance styles below and keep an eye out for upcoming dance events at the Ranch. 

1. Funk Aerobics 
This energetic dance style has an emphasis on both fluid and staccato (i.e. “pop-and-lock”) movements. The best part? Anything goes with funk or hip-hop, so you can develop a style all your own. 

2. Hip Hop 
With choreographed moves that change up quickly, hip hop dancing offers an effective cardio workout. Don’t be surprised to find yourself huffing and puffing a few minutes into class.

3. Masala Bhangra (Bollywood)
This Indian dance style embraces the bouncy, jubilant moves that are typical of big Bollywood movies. Masala means spicy in Hindi, and Bhangra is a form of traditional folk dance — the combination is a loose, non-rigid style, making it ideal for beginners.  

4. Striptease 
Unleash your inner confidence in these fitness classes with a decidedly sensual side. This empowering workout celebrates body positivity with sultry moves that tone your muscles while boosting flexibility.

5. World Beat 
This class is for the free spirit. Experience an exhilarating fusion of diverse dance styles from around the world while sculpting your body and lifting your spirit. Instructors are usually accompanied by live drummers using joyous African, Brazilian, or Latin rhythms.

6. Zumba  
Originating in South America, Zumba tends to feature Latin-based rhythms with simple routines that are easy for someone who’s never done the cha-cha, salsa, or merengue to enjoy. Most classes involve quick, sharp steps and a lot of hip movement. 

Looking to get fit while having fun? Book a stay at any of our all-inclusive wellness destinations in Tucson, AZ, Lenox, MA, or Woodside, CA, and enjoy a range of world-class services and daily activities.