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A collection of glass skincare product bottles on a peach background
A collection of glass skincare product bottles on a peach background

Cool Summer Treatments | All-New Spa Services

Cool down and glow up with spa treatments to keep you feeling and looking refreshed all summer long. Inspired by cool, nourishing ingredients like watermelon, seaweed, mint, and more.

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citrus fruits cut in half in an arrangement

Cool Citrus Glow

Escape the heat and indulge in a revitalizing experience designed to leave your skin feeling ultra-smooth and rejuvenated. Let our citrus infused body scrub with micro-particles of zesty orange peels gently exfoliate to reveal radiant skin. Next luxuriate in a cool, hydrating and firming body mask. Your skin will be left with a luminous glow, hydrated and shielded against the summer elements.

50 Minutes

A seaweed body treatment on a woman's shoulder

Organic Sun Soothing Treatment

Experience the epitome of summer bliss with our Organic Sun Soothing Treatment, a sanctuary for replenishing and rejuvenating sun-kissed skin. This soothing wrap will envelop your body in a nourishing blend of fucus serratus and laminaria digitata seaweed. Feel the stresses of sun exposure melt away as the cooling sensation of the seaweed wrap soothes your skin.

50 Minutes

watermelon slices on sticks

Agave Watermelon Massage

Let it all go — aches, muscle pain and yesterday’s worries — with this vitamin-E rich summer seasonal massage. A custom blended watermelon, agave and herb-infused whipped body mousse with age-defying and hydrating extracts is kneaded into weary muscles. The perfect summer oasis for juicy renewal and restoration!

Choose 50 or 80 Minutes

Girl smiling and getting massage

Tranquil Chill Massage

Close your eyes and inhale the scent of fresh greens and bergamot as you sink into a state of tranquility. Tired muscles are treated to a cooling recovery experience targeting specific problem areas.

Choose 50 or 80 Minutes

Citrus mint foot mask

Citrus Mint Cold Globe Manicure

The ultimate chill out sole revival. A crisp, sea salt exfoliation buffs away dry, rough patches ― revealing velvety-soft skin. A shea butter and cooling spearmint balm restores hydration and bounce back to skin! Chilled globes, combined with a mint + herb-infused hydrating oil, glide over arms and legs, releasing tension, and enhancing relaxation.

Also avaliable as a pedicure.

50 Minutes each

A woman getting a facial at Canyon Ranch

Tranquil Chill Facial

Immerse yourself in a refreshing cool down expertly designed to revitalize your skin with our exclusive blend of anti-inflammatory botanicals and soothing FarmHouse Fresh-grown extracts. As part of this luxurious facial ritual, envelop yourself in gentle cooling sensations that awaken the senses, followed by a nurturing embrace of warmth that soothes and relaxes your entire being.

50 Minutes