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 Jun 1 - Jul 31 (opens in new window)
headshot of Nicole Brouker
Team / Lenox, MA

Nicole Brouker

Massage Assistant Manager

headshot of Nicole Brouker

Nicole assists in managing the Massage Department at Canyon Ranch Lenox. This includes oversight of the resort’s massage facilities, operations, supplies, and all spa colleagues.

Selected Highlights

Licensed Massage Therapist, The Massage School

Licensed Cosmetologist, Digrigoli School of Cosmetology

Nicole has worked with the Spa & Beauty team at Canyon Ranch for 11 years. She has held both administrative and service provider roles, giving her a unique understanding of all facets of the industry. Her area of expertise is in the overall spa/beauty industry, but most notably in massage, fitness, and esthetics.

Nicole became hooked as a massage therapist when helping a Canyon Ranch guest. As a newly licensed massage therapist, she assisted a resort guest with chronic issues from a snow-shoeing accident. She was deeply touched when, at the end of the service, the guest had tears in her eyes when telling Nicole, she finally felt relief.

A fitness enthusiast in her downtime, Nicole likes to lift weights, cycle, and also target shoots. Additionally, she loves spending time with her family and pets. An animal lover at heart, Nicole supports animal charities and has adopted four cats. Words of wisdom? “No matter what is going on in my life, I get to the gym because it always helps me feel better.”

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