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Headshot of Amy Hawthorne, MS, LMFT at Canyon Ranch Tucson
Team / Tucson, AZ

Amy Hawthorne

MS, LMFT, Director of Mental Health & Wellness

Headshot of Amy Hawthorne, MS, LMFT at Canyon Ranch Tucson

Amy specializes in getting to the root of issues quickly, helping guests to recognize the deeper “why” for current life circumstances, identifying and healing past traumas, and addressing maladaptive relationship patterns.

Selected Highlights

BS, Arizona State University

MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, Kansas State University

An independently licensed therapist in Arizona, Amy spent several years working for a world-renowned in-patient treatment center before she joined our Mind & Spirit team at Canyon Ranch. She has experience addressing issues including trauma, many forms of addiction, depression, and anxiety. She is also well versed in stress management, interpersonal relationships, codependency, and healing shame.

Amy believes the only true path to long-lasting, meaningful change is through the cultivation of self-compassion and gaining personal insight and awareness. She helps guests achieve this transformation through her direct, yet compassionate style of therapy. “Being a part of someone’s deeply meaningful insights and witnessing people evolve on such a deep, soul level, makes my day every day,” Amy says. She feels honored to be at Canyon Ranch and finds immense satisfaction not only in helping guests to have their own “Aha!” moments, but in contributing to what she considers to be the pinnacle of true mind, body, and spiritual wellness experiences.

An avid runner and gym enthusiast, Amy makes time for a workout even on the busiest of days. When she’s not at the Ranch or on a run, you will most certainly find her spending time with her husband and son, who she maintains is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Amy’s wellness words to live by: “Self-compassion is the key to long-lasting meaningful change. How would you talk to someone you love and care about? Make sure that’s how you talk to you.”

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