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Couple getting a facial at Canyon Ranch Fort Worth Wellness Club
Couple getting a facial at Canyon Ranch Fort Worth Wellness Club

7 Detox Spa Treatments for Glowing Skin

When it comes to skincare, the power of detoxifying spa treatments often takes a back seat to products like moisturizers and serums. Yet, these treatments play a crucial role in liberating your skin from everyday irritants and pollutants. Here at Fort Worth Wellness Club, we offer a hand-picked selection of beauty services dedicated to detoxification and illuminating your natural glow

Below, you will discover seven of our standout tips and treatments.

Sea Salt Scrubs

Revitalize your skin’s natural glow by removing dead skin and promoting cell turnover with a luxurious sea salt scrub. Dead skin not only impedes regeneration, but also can trap environmental toxins, contributing to dry, dull skin. The gritty sea salt sloughs off superficial skin and impurities while its nourishing properties re-mineralize the skin, improving hydration and overall health. Experience these benefits for yourself with our Alchemist’s Retreat, Hungarian Scrub, or Awakening Exfoliating Body Treatment.

Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs detoxify the skin just like sea salt scrubs do – but they offer an extra sweet skincare benefit. The sugar in sugar scrubs contains natural alpha hydroxy acids, which help cells regenerate properly. Try it out with our Sole Rejuvenation spa treatment, featuring a relaxing bamboo and sugar scrub that cleanses and softens your soles, preparing them for a tension-melting massage.

Body Wraps

Enhance your body’s natural detoxification process with body wraps. These spa treatments harness the power of nutrient-rich ingredients like algae, seaweed, mud, or clay to encourage purging of toxins while prepping the skin to absorb antioxidants. Indulge in this experience with our CBD Pain Relief Massage using broad-spectrum CBD and therapeutic plant extracts or our Hungarian Scrub.

Mud & Clay Treatment

Elevate your skincare ritual with a mud or clay treatment. Embrace the unconventional luxury of cocooning your body in the finest detoxifying ingredients, drawing out impurities for a rejuvenating experience. Try it out at our Wellness Club and book the Spa’s Hungarian Scrub, boasting the powerful, purifying effects of Hungarian moor mud.

Dry Brushing

Discover the transformative benefits of dry brushing—an exquisite detoxification ritual that goes beyond the surface. Unveil radiant skin by gently sweeping away impurities housed in dead skin cells. The rhythmic brushing motions not only rejuvenate your skin but also stimulate blood flow, harmonizing with your body's innate detoxification through enhanced circulation.

Lymphatic Massage

Your lymphatic system is a network of organs, nodes, ducts, and vessels that move fluid from tissues to the bloodstream, in part, to detoxify the body. Lymphatic massage is specifically geared to help this system function properly by opening blocks in lymphatic nodes. While this massage is not a beauty treatment per se, you may notice less skin puffiness and inflammation. Seeking this treatment? Explore our Udvartana Massage – a full-body Ayurvedic therapy that incorporates brisk lymphatic massage for overall detoxification.

Sauna and Steam

Don’t forget to luxuriate in post-spa bliss at our Wellness Club’s sauna or steam room. Both promote detoxification as you bask in the warmth, allowing your body to expel toxins through sweat. For an extra touch of indulgence, arrive early at the Spa and take a dip in the Jacuzzi to prepare your body for the next level of pampering.

Explore our Wellness Club’s full menu of spa treatments and services.