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Well Read: Best Books in 2021, Part II

Dec 23 2021
2 min read
Overhead view of books.

The five books that touched our hearts, expanded our minds, and moved us to go deeper within.

1. Do Nothing: How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, And Underliving

Author: Celeste Headlee
Why It Matters: “In a world that promotes productivity, Celeste Headlee offers you some insightful respite. This book explains how we evolved to this point, and what you can do to take breaks, create boundaries, and promote your own peace!” -Julia Portela, Metaphysical Provider, Canyon Ranch

2. The Art of Impossible

Author: Steven Kotler
Why It Matters: “You can get inspiration by taking a scientific look into the minds of those who bite off more than they can chew for fun.” -Dustin Nabhan, Vice President of Health & Performance

3. The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques: Simple Practices to Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit

Author: Karen Frazier
Why It Matters: “It makes everything so easy and accessible, introducing the reader to different energy healing traditions and then providing 70 practices you can experiment with. -Joann Levitt, MA, RN, HTP, Spiritual Wellness Provider, Canyon Ranch Lenox

4. The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go Of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

Author: Brené Brown
Why it Matters: “This book empowers you to step into your authentic self, with a clear understanding of your worth. If you have been feeling disconnected or stagnant, Brené is a gentle, loving but strong companion, who will hold your hand on the journey to complete and absolute, self-love.” -Julia Portela, Metaphysical Provider, Canyon Ranch

5. It Didn’t Start With You

Author: Mark Wolynn
Why it Matters: “If you’ve ever been curious about or have felt responsible for, ancestral or familial patterns, this book is for you! Mark breaks down our physical and emotional response to epigenetic sand post-traumatic stress, both of which lend-hand to the karmic imprint we experience in life!” -Julia Portela, Metaphysical Provider, Canyon Ranch