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Immaculate Complexion with Biologique Recherche

Nov 12 2021
By Bonnie Marson
4 min read
Close up of Biologique Recherche products.

A facial that gives you the effects of Botox without fillers? Count us in.

The first thing to know about a Biologique Recherche facial is this: it’s a pampering treatment powered by the science of cold therapy. Long used as a recovery treatment in sports medicine, cold therapy is also used in facials and are an effective way to tighten and brighten skin. French brand Biologique created an 11-step facial service using cold therapy as a technique to increase blood flow and plump skin. And it’s now available at Canyon Ranch Tucson, Las Vegas, and Lenox properties.

I had mine at Canyon Ranch Tucson in Arizona. The Biologique Recherche facial is a highly bespoke clinical spa service—available in 50- or 80-minute sessions—that reconditions the epidermis to activate its own regenerative properties.

I selected a 50-minute session (the 80-minute facial uses more tools and provides even deeper customization). And was really expecting the typical spa experience. What I received was a detailed therapeutic facial that combined cold treatments with light, yet, frequent touch like a Shiatsu massage for a multisensorial experience.

We began with a consult using Skin Instant, dermo-cosmetic analysis tool that diagnose skin conditions and recommends which Biologique Recherche products to use. My skin type is normal and not typically sensitive so my aesthetician used Eau Micellaire Biosensible and the Lait U Botanical Cleansing Milk as my cleanser.

Though I have normal skin, it was slightly dehydrated, so P50V Lotion for normal, yet dry mature skin was used. The P50V Lotion comes in four different strengths and it is the most beloved product in the line. It helps to boost the skins natural exfoliation process, while helping to rebuild the epidermal shield. To apply, my aesthetician used gauze strips soaked in the P50V lotion to smooth onto my face, neck, and décolleté in short, upward, flicking motions as if sculpting the skin. It was an energizing experience using touch that invoked new sensations throughout.

Close up of woman's face while getting a Biologique Recherche treatment.

Next, she selected Soin Restructurrant et Lissant, a hyaluronic acid with silk royal jelly booster for dehydrated and thin skin. Then a cool cream mask was layered onto my entire face before massaging and contouring with two stainless steel Cryo-Sticks. These tools store maximum thermal energy, ensuring cold is diffused when it comes in contact with the skin. This allows the dermal blood to circulate evenly and soothe and tighten skin.

When the mask came on, I expected my aesthetician would leave the room. But she remained, to monitor and slightly touch every part of my face the whole time.

After removing the mask, it was time to finish rehydrating my skin. Two Quintessential Serums—Rene used the VG Tensil and the Oligo-Proteines Marines—which are made with vegetable, bio-marine and organic active ingredients, were applied. I felt a nice tingly effect from the ingredients, while I received another soothing massage. An Eye Contour was used before their Finishing Serum was pressed into my skin. To finalize, a touch of Biokiss applied to my lips.

By the end, my skin was cleansed, nourished, and so sculpted that I felt energized by this completely personalized approach. The results became instantly clear when friends raved about my skin and asked what I did to it. I told them I've been playing it cool.

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Model used in image to illustrate service.